Our company was founded in 1947.
Since then we have continued to manufacture various chairs including office swivel chairs, conference chairs, folding chairs, work chairs, medical chairs, and etc., under the brand name of "Noritsu Chairs".
Manufacturing chairs involves many staff, a lot of time, and large spaces. It is essential to develop a mechanism which supports complex movements in order to ensure comfort, comparative studies of materials are necessary for an elegant finish, and attention to recycling is needed when considering the environment. Since our founding, we have overcome various challenges step by step.
Following customers' needs and applying our know-how and technologies, we began to produce various equipment, such as partitions, partition belts, brochure stands, and etc.
We strive to have an attentive and flexible factory with a high rate of in-house production. We try to respond to a wide range of requests, from single items to large quantities, with fast delivery.
In addition, taking advantage of our in-house factory, we aim to provide reliable and useful aftercare services, such as product repair and supply of parts after delivery.
From our long experience, our corporate attitude is to positively challenge, taking advantage of new surroundings and enriching our product line item by item.
We deliver our products to various destinations, from offices to public facilities, schools, hospitals, factories, and kitchens. We aim at becoming a manufacturing plant that meets changes in the times, carries out research and development using sound communication and networking, and manufactures better things day after day.

President Shogo Aoki

Company Overview

Company Name (Sales Department) Noritsuisu Co. Ltd.
(Manufacturing Department)
Tokai Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Founded October 10, 1947
Address Head Office and Factory
3-59 Kodakara, Yatomi City, Aichi Prefecture
Tel. 0567-52-0511
Fax. 0567-52-3568

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Capital Noritsuisu Co. Ltd. 10,000,000 yen
Tokai Metal Industry Co., Ltd. 10,000,000 yen
Representative President Shogo Aoki
Executives Member of Board: Yoshinobu Aoki
Member of Board: Michio Aoki
Member of Board: Takeshi Kobayashi
Corporate Auditor: Takashi Asano
Land 18,344m²
Building 10,793m²
Content of Business Manufacturing and selling office furniture, furniture for educational and public facilities, and furniture for medical and welfare facilities.
President Shogo Aoki
Noritsuisu Co. Ltd.
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